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How does home monitoring work in Peoria?

December 19, 2022
Smartphone access to a home security system.

After much deliberation, you’ve reached the decision that a home security system is the top way to boost your property’s protection. You even enjoy the idea of a smart home to deliver extra convenience and energy conservation to your day. But what about home monitoring?

Take a little time to explore how home monitoring works in [[targelocation]] and why this added line of protection is worth every penny.

See how Peoria home monitoring works

If you like the idea of always having an expert there to back you up during a crisis, round-the-clock home monitoring is a great choice for you. Even though they are always there when you need them, that isn’t suggesting they are exceedingly intrusive. You won’t see them constantly watching your house or checking your camera footage. Rather, they go to work the instant an emergency occurs. Here’s how:

  • Whenever one of your components is triggered -- whether it’s a window sensor or fire alarm -- your Vivint Smart Hub™ is signaled instantly.

  • Your Vivint Smart Hub then sends the alert instantly to your monitoring professionals.

  • A smart home monitoring agent will then communicate with you to verify the alarm and ensure your safety.

  • Whenever the monitoring specialist isn’t able to contact you, they will instantly notify emergency assistance.

  • Your team is there to guide you through the emergency and will function as the chief point of contact with authorities whenever you are not at home.

Always standing by to help, home monitoring agents are linked to your residence through your smart sensors and alarms. This gives you more than merely peace of mind as you have actual, live professionals to assist you through your emergency.


Defending your house, even when you’re not there

Having 24/7 support at the ready in the event of an emergency is beneficial when you’re home as you’ll be occupied making certain family members are out of danger. It’s even more vital when an emergency takes place while you’re at work or traveling. Think about your smoke detector beeping or an entrypoint sensor setting off your alarm when you’re on holiday. What happens when nobody is there to notice the alert of the blaring siren? When you incorporate 24-7 monitoring, your home is always guarded, regardless of if you’re home or not.

Your Vivint Smart Hub is essential in Peoria home monitoring

You can consider your Vivint Smart Hub as the heart of your home security system. All device communications pass through this convenient, networked command center. Along with being your connection to monitoring professionals, the smart hub offers these added virtues:

  • Emergency button to contact your home monitoring agents
  • Two-way audio feature giving you the chance to converse directly to your monitoring staff
  • You can ask for assistance with any type of concern, including medical situations

If you’re unable to locate your cell phone when a disaster takes place, you’ll still be able to speak with your support team straight through your Vivint Smart Hub.

Get home monitoring with your advanced Peoria security system

Consult with the experts at Vivint and request a completely connected Peoria smart home with the round-the-clock monitoring, safety alarms, and entryway sensors you require. We understand the significance of monitoring which is why it comes with our available packages. If you want to upgrade your property’s defense, dial (309) 332-1063 or fill out the form below to get started.